Debt Down

Simple way to pay off your debt

Multiple payoff strategies, Notifications, Calculators, Budgets, Achievements

Debt Down for iPhone


Focus on one goal to pay off your debt and track debt payments with a single tap of your finger.

✓ Debt free date countdown
✓ Remaining debt balance
✓ Upcoming payments
✓ Due payments made with one tap

Debt Down

No matter how many debts you have (credit cards, mortgages, loans, etc.), manage all of them in one place. Apply Debt-snowball method (a debt reduction strategy recommended by experts) to save on interest and pay off the debt faster.

✓ Mortgage, credit cards, loans, other
✓ Percent paid progress bar
✓ Debt-snowball method: multiple payoff strategies
✓ Payment history
✓ Extra payment tracking
✓ Payment due date notifications

Debt Down
Loan Calculators

"What if" scenarios will help you to calculate loan options within seconds.

✓ Mortgage and loan calculators
✓ Fixed/ARM interest rates, daily/monthly interest accrual
✓ Payoff date calculator
✓ Amortization schedule and key debt parameters
✓ “What if” scenarios can be saved in calculator history

Debt Down

Plan your expenses using categories and input data when you actually spend money. Analyze your expenditures and find ways to save more. Use savings to pay off the debt faster.

✓ Unlimited budgets
✓ Set budgets with one tap using the previous months data
✓ Progress control by categories
✓ Expenses and credit card transactions
✓ Interest on credit card purchases
✓ Recurring transactions
✓ Budget trend in time
✓ Planned savings

Debt Down

Control all your progress by analyzing a number of detailed reports.

✓ Debt Remaining
✓ Debt Payoff Graph with Snowball on and off
✓ Snowball Interest Savings
✓ Annual Interest Rate
✓ Amortization Schedule
✓ Budget Progress
✓ Expenses Monthly
✓ Expenses List
✓ Print and Export in PDF format

Debt Down

Badges will help you to stay on the right track and get rid of debt for good.

✓ Unlock achievements and stay motivated
✓ Tell friends about your success via Facebook and Twitter

Debt Down

✓ Designed for iOS 7
✓ Password protection
✓ Backups

Debt Down

Debt Down for iPhone